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MEDIA RELEASE 16 June 2012

For Immediate Release


Last year PCC began a consultation around selling off Portsmouth’s youth services. After a negative public reaction and the prospect of upcoming local elections the plans were shelved. Now the plan has beendusted off and is back on the table. This is being done despite the negativeresponse from young people and staff last year. The decision to contract outyouth services is being kept very quiet.

PCC intends to divide the city into 3 areas and sell off the service piece by piece. This decision has been made without proper consultationwith service users and staff.

If PCC hands it’s youth service to voluntary providers, staff would be initially protected under TUPE regulations. However once transferred, there is little or no protection against changes to terms and conditions. This is how outside contractors can afford to provide a service more cheaply than PCC.

Pay, terms and conditions are under threat and trade unions and the Trades Council are very concerned about the impact these drastic changes will have on service users and our communities.

‘These types of sell offs lead to job insecurity, cuts to pay and conditions, and a fall in the standard of service provided to young people. We believe that this decision is politically motivated, cost driven and isn’t in the interests of young peopleand staff’, said Richard White, Unite Convenor.

Speaking about the proposed sell off of Youth Services, Sion Reynolds, Secretary of the Portsmouth Association of the NASUWT, said:

‘It is good that in the past Portsmouth City Council have set a priority to help children and young people facing difficulties, and their spending in this area has had a marvellous effect.’

‘Working in partnership with local schools, for example, the sterling work by the Health Improvement and Development Service has helped reduce the teenage pregnancy rate. ‘

‘The amount of youth offending has also been reduced due to efforts of PCC staff working with parents and children.’

‘Overall the amount of young people leaving school not in employment, education or training is down, and this is very much against national trend.’

‘The Council asserts that cuts need to be made in this area but we must stand up for our services which are having a positive and essential impact upon our community.’

NUT and NASUWT sign historic agreement

NUT and NASUWT are also looking to work together locally to help defend the teaching profession. Watch this space for our community campaign `Standin Up For Standards.’

SERTUC newsletter 14


newsletter 14


A Future That Works TUC mass demonstration with rally in Hyde Park Saturday 20 October The newsletter and twitter #mdobney will include further details as they are available

Action for Rail campaign launches Monday 28 May events in Portsmouth, Canterbury, Andover, Battersea & Wandsworth, Southend, Euston, Reading, Southampton, Waterloo

An Invitation to hear Ged Kearney President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions Thursday 24 May 4pm Congress House 

Male under-employment has doubled in the last four years

The 10 worst employment local authority areas, at no.2 Haringey (24 claimants to each vacancy), no.4 Lewisham (18), no.6 Lambeth (16), no.10 Medway (15). All local authority stats here:


Swimming against the tide SERTUC’s ninth survey of equality in trade unions available in hard copy from or pdf 

Burston Strike School Rally Burston near Diss Sunday 2 September with Bob Crow RMT, Clive Lewis, Mark Serwotka PCS, Cath Speight Unite 

Trade union actions

NUT London Women’s Network event “Let’s talk about sex – what should we be teaching our children in schools?” 6pm Thursday 24 May at Hamilton House, London withDarinka Aleksic, Lisa Hallgarten, Ros McNeil contact Kiri Tunks 

Trades councils actions

Southwark trades council public meeting Wednesday 13 June at 7pm with Jeremy Corbyn MP, Ted Knight, Remploy, Save our Nurseries Campaign 

Lambeth trades council with Lambeth & Wandsworth Palestine Solidarity Campaign public meeting 7pm Thursday 14 June with Hugh Lanning PCS contact Anton

Greenwich trades council is supporting the campaign against the placing of surface to air missiles in East London

King’s Lynn & District trades council series of Saturday talks Women for Change 11am  9 June Jacqueline Mulhallen, 14 July Bernadette 

Other actions/information

Regional Labour Market Statistics May 2012 

The 2012 George Edwards Memorial Meeting The School, The Village and The Farm” Saturday 7 July 2pm contact

Celebrating Health, Work and Well-being in the South East free event from 10.30am Tuesday 19 June in Guildford contact

International Brigades Annual Commemoration of the Brigades Saturday 7 July 12.30 with music and poetry

London Hazards Fire Safety Training Day free events in Kingston upon Thames 8 June and Hayes 4 July

Coast to Capital local enterprise partnership area map and updated economic statistics

Unison London Met has initiated a campaign to save the Women’s Library at London Metropolitan University

The Women Chainmakers Festival Cradley Heath, B64 6DU Saturday 9 June Midlands TUC

‘A Future That Works’ – mass TUC demonstration in London on 20 October

The TUC is to organise a mass demonstration in London under the banner of ‘A Future That Works’ on Saturday 20 October 2012. A march through central London will culminate in a rally in Hyde Park.

On March 26 2011 the TUC’s March for the Alternative attracted 500,000 people to a march and rally in London.

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: ‘The tide is turning against austerity. We were told that spending cuts were needed to get the economy growing, yet they have driven the UK back into recession. We were told that we were all in it together, yet Mr Cameron’s main purpose at the G8 summit seemed to be protecting the banks against the growing international support for a Robin Hood tax – and the last Budget’s centrepiece was cutting the 50p tax rate.

‘It is becoming ever clearer that this government does not have the policies – or even much of a commitment – to build a prosperous economy that can generate the jobs and industries we need for the future.

‘Rather than bold policies for investment and growth, the best that ministers can do is half-baked proposals to make it easier to sack people.

‘That is why we expect a huge turnout from the growing numbers that want a future that works. With the USA and France now setting out the alternative, it’s time the UK also changed course.’

Drachma best option for Greeks

David Cameron warns us that Greece is danger of going bankrupt. But countries do not go bankrupt. Not like companies or individuals who can declare themselves insolvent. What’s the worst that can happen? Greece is thrown out of the Eurozone for not keeping up with austerity measures dictated by Germany and France. They could revert to the drachma and get some autonomy over their currency. After all, Germany has benefited from the Euro since its inception by rigging favourable terms for their exports to the periphery, with the collorary negative impact upon real economies like that of Greece? With 33 per cent of the seats having gone to the far left, Greece is in a situation where it might be possible to win a democratic mandate to not just return the Drachma, but also head off a flight of capital by nationalising the banks. Then they could start putting people back to work by nationalising big industry. What have they got to lose?

10 May Portsmouth Pickets

PCS workers from MoD on bridge to Whale Island, Portsmouth
PCS workers at HMRC Lynx House, Portsmouth
PCS workers from DWP at Roebuck House, Cosham, Portsmouth

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