10 May Portsmouth Pickets

PCS workers from MoD on bridge to Whale Island, Portsmouth
PCS workers at HMRC Lynx House, Portsmouth
PCS workers from DWP at Roebuck House, Cosham, Portsmouth

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Portsmouth Lansley Protest‏

50 members of PCS, Unite, UCU,RMT, NUT, USDAW and the Pompey Pensioners braved the rain to protest over pensions and NHS cuts and privatisation.

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Andrew Lansley cancelled his visit to St. Mary’s hospital, Portsmouth at the last minute. He claimed he had urgent parliamentary business. He did have to try to explain why he had vetoed publication of the risks to the NHS as a result of his so called reforms. However he still had ample time after his speech to get to Portsmouth if he had wanted to. Lansley bottled it and didn’t want to face angry strikers. Protesters were determined that any Government minster who comes to Portsmouth will be met with protest.

Photos from Workers Memorial Day in Portmouth

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One Million Climate jobs information update

Saturday 19th May

Summer Fair, Victoria Park, Portsmouth: One Million Climate Jobs stall, discussion in speakers tent and 12:30pm short film show.

Tuesday 22nd May

Climate Caravan roadshow: 9:30am – 4:30pm, Mountbatten Fountain, Commercial Road Precinct/Arundel Street, Portsmouth PO1 1BT

Public Meeting:
 7-9pm, Room F, Central Library, Portsmouth PO1 2DX
(hosted by Portsmouth Trades Union Council)

Speakers include

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary, Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association

Hanna Thomas
, Green Jobs Director at 
The Otesha Project UK and leading member of East London Green Jobs Alliance, a coalition of trade unions, NGOs, community based organisations and green businesses working to create green and decent jobs for East London citizens. Hannah currently runs a demonstration project designed to take young, unemployed people in East London through a training and skills “jobs pipeline” and into green apprenticeships. She was a finalist in the Sheila McKechnie 2011 campaigner awards for her work with the Alliance.

Suzanne Jeffery
, Chair of the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Further information: Chris Price 079 0188 2557
or https://portsmouthtuc.wordpress.com or http://www.portsmouthcan.co.uk



St. Mary’s Hospital Portsmouth 2.30 pm Thursday 10 May

No to NHS Privatisation – Yes to Decent Pensions

Andrew Lansley is due to open a new ward at St. Marys Hospital at 3 pm on 10 May. Local trade unionists, including those on strike, plan to protest.

Portsmouth Trades Council decided to call the protest on the day thousands of workers will be taking strike action over pensions and other issues. Members of the following trade unions in Portsmouth will be taking strike action on 10 May:

§  PCS (Civil Servants)
§  Unite (Health and Ministry of Defence)
§  UCU (Lecturers)
§  RMT (Royal Fleet Auxiliary)

As a cabinet minister, Lansley shares government responsibility for making us all work longer, pay more to get less pension. As Health Minster, he is wrecking the NHS by pushing through privatisation. That’s at least two good reasons to protest when he visits Portsmouth”, said Jon Woods, PTC Media Officer.

At a packed meeting of PTC on Thursday 3 May, delegates from trade union branches unanimously backed the call to protest. Delegates wanted to draw attention to the example of Hinchingbrooke Hospital where private company, Circle will take fist £2M of any surplus, despite the hospital having nearly £40M debts.

Local trade unionists and members of the public are invited to bring banners and placards to the protest at 2.30 pm, by the main entrance to St. Marys Hospital.

For further information contact;

Louis MacDonald (PTC Secretary) on 07940 503634 or at louismacdonald@ntlworld.com

Mick Tosh (PTC Chair) on 07900 877720
Jon Woods (PTC Media Officer) 0n 07921 775828

One Million Climate jobs

On Tuesday 22nd May 2012 Portsmouth will be visited by the Caravan for One Million Climate Jobs. This is an initiative of the Trade Union Group of The Campaign Against Climate Change whose report in 2010 showed why and how government should create one million jobs to build the low-carbon infrastructure in answer to the crises of unemployment and climate change.  The campaign is backed at national level by PCS, UCU, CWU and TSSA.  The call for one million green jobs was endorsed by the TUC Conference in 2010. Portsmouth Trades Council will be supporting the Caravan’s visit to Portsmouth and will host an evening public meeting to discuss the implications of the campaign for the Portsmouth area.


Watch the 10 minute campaign intro:

Sign the petition for One Million Climate Jobs at:
Keep updated on this web-page and at:

The cuts so far


This is a list of some of the cuts that will affect the people of Portsmouth and the surrounding area, it is my no means exhaustive. If you know of any missed please comment below and they will be added to the list.

From April, Portsmouth City Council are planning to cut:
£3,210,000 from Children’s Services
£3,371,000 from Health including £1,384,000 from Adult Social Care
£2,599,000 from Education and another £8,000,000 from other vital services
Portsmouth Connexions Youth Service has been cut by 25% losing over  16 full time equivalent posts.

Portsmouth Hospitals Trust cut the equivalent of 358 full time jobs between October 2009 and July 2010. A further 99 posts could go.

Hampshire County Council is cutting £55m from this years budget leading to1,200 job losses
£6m is being cut from children’s services threatening to reduce the number of Sure Start centres from 81 to 53.
Hampshire Constabulary is cutting £20m from its budget losing 160 police officer and civilian staff posts

Fareham Borough Council cut 51 jobs and is in the process of cutting a further 42.

Gosport Borough Council is cutting 32 posts which is 12% of the workforce

Havant Borough Council is cutting funds to the Housing Aid Service

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) will be cut, ending vital support for students in Further Education.
Tuition fees for students in Higher Education to rise to up £9,000 a year.
11 secondary schools in Portsmouth lost £170m & 15 schools in Havant lost £120m for renovation and rebuilding in July 2010 when Building Schools for the Future was scrapped.
The University of Chichester is facing the abolition of its entire teaching grant under the government’s plans to radically cut higher education funding following the Browne Review.

From April 2011 Crisis Loans from the Benefit Agency will not be available for items such as cookers and beds.

The Refugee Council, which provides essential support for asylum seekers, refugees and their children has had its budget cut by 62%.

State Pensions are only being increased in April 2011 by the % rise in the Consumer Price Index. Previously it was upgraded by the increase in the Retail Price Index which is currently 1% higher. State Pension retirement ages and National Insurance contributions are being increased.

VAT as been increased to 20%, hitting the poorest hardest.

Access to Legal Aid has been cut.

Further from clamping down on corporate tax dodging George Osborne is making more loopholes so the rich don’t have to pay