Drachma best option for Greeks

David Cameron warns us that Greece is danger of going bankrupt. But countries do not go bankrupt. Not like companies or individuals who can declare themselves insolvent. What’s the worst that can happen? Greece is thrown out of the Eurozone for not keeping up with austerity measures dictated by Germany and France. They could revert to the drachma and get some autonomy over their currency. After all, Germany has benefited from the Euro since its inception by rigging favourable terms for their exports to the periphery, with the collorary negative impact upon real economies like that of Greece? With 33 per cent of the seats having gone to the far left, Greece is in a situation where it might be possible to win a democratic mandate to not just return the Drachma, but also head off a flight of capital by nationalising the banks. Then they could start putting people back to work by nationalising big industry. What have they got to lose?


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