Oppose the EDL in Portsmouth 16 July‏

Dear sisters and brothers,
The EDL (English Defence League) intend to march in Portsmouth on Saturday 16 July. We cannot allow this to go unchallanged. The EDL want to spread hatred of muslims to try to divide us. The EDL have attacked labour movement meeting and students protestors. We cannot allow them to divide us and draw attention away from the real enemy, the Con-Dem government intent on making us pay for the bank bail out through cuts in services, jobs, pay, pensions, benefits. That is why I am asking everyone to respond to the call from Unite Against Fascism and build for the biggest possible turn out at midday in the Guildhall Square Portsmouth (see attached leaflet). We need to show by our numbers that the EDL do not represent the vast majority of people of Portsmouth. We are not looking for a fight. We want to peacefully show our opposition to the EDL. Trade Union branches, Trades Councils and other organisations should discuss this and pass motions in support of the UAF protest. Please forward the leaflet as widely and as quickly as possible. Portsmouth City Council and the police have been lobbied about allowing the EDL to march through Portsmouth City Centre, but they seem to be suggesting that we should ignore them! We know only too well from history what happens if you allow nazis and racists to march unchallenged. This is what allowed Hitler to come to power. At a time of austerity and cuts, we cannot be complacent over this issue. We cannot afford to give the EDL inch. Black and white unity. Solidarity with our muslim sisters and brothers.
Oppose the EDL!


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