Unite4NHS: Ask the Health Bill Committee to stand up for the NHS

The future of our NHS rests with just 26 MPs – the members of the Health Bill Committee.

This Committee needs to know that we expect them to protect our NHS; they must ensure that the Bill does not result in longer waiting lists, priority for private patients or a lower standard of healthcare for our members and their families.

It feels that as each day passes we learn more horrifying facts about the true intentions behind the Health and Social Care Bill. Every day we get a clearer picture about the devastation that these plans will unleash on our NHS.

But one important question remains: is anyone listening?

It’s our duty to make sure the Health Bill Committee have no choice but to listen. We’ve written a letter to the Health Bill Committee demanding that they answer questions posed by this Bill – and we want you to be the next person who signs it.


Contrary to the constant cries that the NHS is “safe in their hands”, the jobs of over 50,000 healthcare professionals across the NHS are under threat – and that’s just the “first wave”.

These reforms are driven by Conservative ideology, the coalition are driving our NHS into the hands of private healthcare companies. We must stop them.

We’re facing a full-on attack to the very heart of the NHS. It’s always been there for us – now we need to ensure it’s there for our children and future generations.

It’s up to you. Demand that the Health Bill Committee do all they can to block these dangerous reforms.


Act now, before it’s too late.


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