NHS Support Federation – Sign the National e-Petition

Sign Our National e-Petition

Our treasured NHS is under threat. At the heart of the NHS should be patients, but the coalition government’s planned reforms will break-up NHS services and business motives will cut deeply into the fairness, quality and value that we have come to expect. It is crucial for the public and NHS staff to join in opposing these proposals. Please give us your support.

All of us will be affected, as the plans reach right across the country and into nearly every area of NHS services.

Patients will see their local GP services taken over by profit-led companies and lose the personal contact with a GP who knows you and your family. Access to treatment will differ depending on where you live. You could end up having to change GP or even move to get the care you need. All hospitals are being turned into independent businesses and will be free to offer priority care to patients who can afford to pay – a return to wealth-based healthcare.

The NHS is already making £20bn of tough savings. So when jobs and services are under threat and waiting lists likely to rise, why waste further precious funds on the NHS market. It already drains 14% of the health budget from patient services according to a Parliamentary committee.

NHS staff will suffer too. Hospitals will soon be outside of NHS agreements on terms and conditions. Pressure on pay, falling training standards and rising workloads are all likely. Staff shortages and falling morale will surely follow.

The NHS has public trust because it puts the public first. Its commitment to giving all of us access to safe and effective services, to treating us fairly and providing good value are some of the reasons why the NHS is the country’s most popular asset. So, in the face of the threat of the government’s plans, we are asking all NHS supporters to come together to protect the NHS and safeguard its future.

Follow link to sign the petition


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