PACT March to Defend Council Worker Jobs: Press Release

Media Contact
Ben Norman
07889 022 879

11th January 2011 Portsmouth Against Cuts Together, the community campaign group opposed to the government’s austerity agenda, will be holding a march in defence of jobs and services on the 15th January 2011.

The march will start at Portsmouth University Library on Cambridge Road at 12:30pm and will conclude with a rally at Guildhall Square at 2:00pm. It will be a demonstration of unity, bringing trade unionists, students and community organisers together against the sweeping cuts and redundancies being used to make working people pay for the banker’s crisis.

The route, starting at the University and ending outside the City Council offices, represents the bringing together of the local student movement against fees and education cuts, along with the campaign by public sector trade unions to defend jobs.

In the past week it has been announced that over four hundred public sector jobs may be lost at the city council offices,” said PACT member Ben Norman, 24. “This is a direct consequence of the government’s austerity measures, but it is not the first. Students are already campaigning to defend their education and the crucial thing now is to unite these two movements.”

PACT is opposed to all cuts and is dedicated to defending all jobs and public services throughout the city and the surrounding area. For more information or to join PACT contact


The march will take place on 15th January 2011 from Portsmouth University Library, Cambridge Road at 12.30pm

A rally will take place at 2:00pm at Guildhall Square

For more information contact or 07889 022 879. Images and quotes from the event will be available on request.

About Portsmouth against Cuts Together:
Portsmouth Against Cuts Together (PACT) is a community based campaign group, supported by Portsmouth Trades Council, which opposes the government’s austerity programme of cuts. The campaign group opposes all cuts, noting that they are driven by ideology not economic need. Furthermore PACT supports clamping down on corporate tax evasion and avoidance by millionaires and supports the creation of sustainable new jobs. PACT also argues that no jobs should be lost in the defence industry, but sustainable alternative jobs should be created for any that are lost.



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