Portsmouth City Council reveals cuts plan (From PACT site)

The Portsmouth News reports that Portsmouth City Council has announced to its workforce that 400 jobs, or 9% of staff, will lose their jobs over the coming year. Liberal Democrat Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson has said more jobs could go on top of these due to decreases in funding from central government. All indications are that services for vulnerable people will be significantly affected. That this news comes on the day when it has been reported that bankers have once again paid themselves massive (sometimes state subsidised) bonuses can’t have gone unnoticed by working class people in Portsmouth.

The News also quotes GMB Union Official Kevin Brandstatter ‘We and other unions have started discussions with the city council, and we have been told 408 is the number they’re likely to lose. We’ve expected job losses, but things have started moving recently, because of government funding announcements.’

More info will be posted here when I have it but undeniably the importance of the 15th January Portsmouth demonstration has to be restated being as it is the first opportunity to show the council that job and service cuts should not be tolerated in a time of huge unemployment and massive social need.



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