Mapping the cuts in Portsmouth (From PACT site)

A number of useful websites have sprung up that break down the UK-wide distribution of the Tory-Liberal austerity plan into the various local areas. Now it has to be said that its early days, we know the level of cuts is going to be utterly devastating but will be short on details until the Civil Service and (especially) the Council announce their plans [update]. However these are still very useful sites and will become more so as the struggle continues.

The False Economy site takes the break down by postcode, so we find that Portsmouth Hospitals have had 358 jobs cut to July last year, Chichester Uni is having its entire teaching budget cut and 11 schools have had projects cut. Seehere.

The housing and homelessness charity Shelter has produced the map below

We can see that people in the Portsmouth area can expect a £31-£50 reduction in Local Housing Allowance. This is going to hit low-paid working people and the unemployed very hard.

This Google Map of libraries under threat was produced by Public Libraries News. Though thankfully no announcements about closures have happened in Portsmouth yet, our neighbours on the Isle of Wight are looking at a shocking 9 of 11 libraries closing.

The Anti-Cuts Protests website has drawn up a useful Google Map of the many local anti-cuts campaigns – seems like the Tories have a mass movement on their hands!

As I said until the level of cuts at Portsmouth City Council services become clear we are slightly in the dark [update], however building the campaign as big as possible in advance is a crucial task, as is showing solidarity with other areas facing massive cuts that will rip apart the social fabric and that amount to a class war on working people by the people who caused the economic crisis – the rich, the markets and the banks.


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